Welcome to the Renew Easy Mortgage

Step 1) Loan Application- Our Online Application starts the process. You will be taken through the standard Uniform Residential Loan Application. You just sign up for a Login. Then you verify your email address. Then you just login and Start the Loan Application. 

Step 2) Credit Run Authorization- After you complete the Loan Application you can give us authorization to run your credit. You can request a Soft Credit Pull to begin that will not impact your credit in any way.


Step 3) Document Upload- Now that we have your Loan Application and Your Credit Report. It is time to upload the documents required to finish the pre-approval process. You will be provided with a list of the documents we need. We have created a tool that will show you what documents you might need.  


Step 4) Appraisal Credit Card Authorization- ReNew Lending does not charge your credit card. The Appraisal Management Company finds an appraiser in your area and sets the appraisal prices. Then they will charge your credit card. If you are ready to pay for an appraisal then your loan is looking good. If you are refinancing you might be approved for an appraisal waiver. The appraisal is the main upfront cost when doing a mortgage that is paid for before the loan is done since the appraisal is required to complete the loan approval. Ask us if you qualify for an appraisal waiver or a lender credit!