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ReNew Lending is an industry leading mortgage company built around a culture of providing excellent service and communication. We truly believe we have the best team in the business! The only thing we are missing is you!

Join the ReNew team in 3 easy steps!

We know what it’s like to deal with a long onboarding process, so we have simplified things and made it an easy 3 step process. We will be with you for every step, and the support doesn’t stop there!

Step 1:
Schedule a Meeting

Set up a call to learn about Renew. We will discuss the opportunities ReNew offers, our variety of loan programs as well as learn about our Support and Operations Team.

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Step 2:
Make It Official

We are excited to have you join ReNew. Complete the standard paperwork. We made you this checklist to make it easy!


New Employee Checklist

Step 3:
Training and Logins

 Training and Support! Next we will schedule training and get you set up with all your logins.
Check out our training center.

Training Center Portal

Who is
ReNew Lending?

ReNew Lending is a leading residential mortgage lender, licensed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), that provides home buyers and commercial customers with mortgages and home loans. ReNew Lending was founded with the primary desire to address the needs of customers for faster, easier access to mortgage loans. ReNew enables borrowers to obtain mortgages directly from a lender. Providing this direct access through technology was how ReNew was born. With a history of innovation and a commitment to always putting the customer first, ReNew is well positioned to grow its status as a preferred mortgage loan originator. Our company’s knowledgeable mortgage professionals are dedicated to making every client’s home loan experience a positive and successful one.

Why Choose
ReNew Lending?

ReNew Lending is built under the principles of honesty and integrity throughout the entire organization. Our mortgage planning specialists are the best in the business. We offer the values and expertise that you deserve and expect in today’s marketplace. ReNew Lending removes obstacles and brings clarity to the lending process. Let us provide you with the best possible service in the industry and a mortgage that you can be proud of.

Advantages of joining the ReNew team

ReNew Lending offers all the advantages of working for a large lender and combines them with the freedom and flexibility that you would expect from a smaller company. ReNew gives you access to expert in-house operations, support, and marketing teams to help with lead generation and ensure the mortgage process keeps moving efficiently for every client.

Supportive Team

We offer expert support for every level of the mortgage process, from lead generation and IT support, to underwriting, processing, and closing. Our operations team is here to assist you close deals quickly and efficiently.

Real-time Status Updates

Our operations team will provide you with real-time status updates. You won’t find this type of personal attention and support at a large lender or bank. We will provide detailed communication during every step of the process.

Competitive Loan Products

ReNew works with multiple investors and sells directly to agencies to provide our loan officers a variety of mortgage and refinance products at competitive rates. We also offer many local and state specific programs.               

Benefits of working at
ReNew Lending

• Marketing and Design Support and Lead Generation
• Advertising Support – Ad Placements by our Marketing Team
• Social Media Ads and Support
• Creative Content Creation

Join us at ReNew Lending, we want you on our team!

Marketing Support

ReNew Lending offers all Loan Officers a variety of support tools to help you grow your business and achieve your maximum potential.


We create personalized web pages for marketing support.


We offer premium quality personalized business cards.


We have templates for any paperwork and marketing needs that are extremely user-friendly.


We constantly post social media advertisements in your state to help you grow your business.

Renew Lending Training

Training is a key element to our success. We will teach you to navigate our portal and go over all the features and tools available to you. We will take you through our Loan process from start to finish so you understand our process clearly and introduce you to your support team. Our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to grow your business. After your training you will be all set to start submitting loans!

Portal Login

Growth Opportunities

ReNew offers career growth opportunities to all its employees. Develop your skills, increase your knowledge, and become an expert in your field. Grow your career now with ReNew Lending. 

Schedule Meeting

Loan Process

Our easy loan submission process has been a game changer. Our LOS gives you all the tools you need to close a deal. Loan Officers start the file and operations finishes it. 


Quick Pricer

Our Portal has a Quick Pricer that lets you check pricing and then you can easily convert to a lead file. Then your lead can be converted to a loan. Or you can import the lead/loan and then price it.


Loan Setup

Getting the loan setup and ready for disclosuers is one of the most important steps. We have a simple checklist that goes over what is required before you request disclosures. 


Loan Disclosures

The loan officer on the file will complete our loan submission form and that will start the disclosure process. The disclosure desk will review the file and let you know if anything is missing. 


Order Appraisal

After the loan disclosures are signed by the borrower(s) the processor can now order the appraisal. The Processor will send the borrower our online Appraisal Order form. The borrower completes the form and pays for the appraisal. 


Underwriting Conditions

Our LOS gives you a customizable Pipeline view. You can track your loans and conditions while the processor works the conditions. When you are inside a loan you will see the list of conditions. You will also receive email notifictions that break down the conditions needed. Underwriting support is always available.


Clear To Close

Once you have the full approval from Underwriting your loan will move to Clear To Close.Our Closing team will make sure the loan is ready for Docs Out. 


Docs Out

The closing department will send the closing documents to Escrow and make sure signing is scheduled.


Docs Back

The closing department will review the signed document package and get the file ready for Funding.



The Funding department will handle the funding conditions and get the loan finished up. Your loan is now completed!

Join us at ReNew Lending, we want you on our team!

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