HELOC Brokers

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A dynamic instrument that harnesses the equity nestled within a borrower’s home, offering a fluid reservoir of funds. Homeowners can draw funds from the HELOC as needed, up to the approved limit, and repay the borrowed amount over time with interest.

Credit Score

Credit score minimum requirement varies per Investor, but are typically 600 or greater. For credit scores less than 600, e-mail loanscenarios@renewlending.com for review/guidance to establish if an eligible program is available.

Property Type Eligibility:

SFR, PUD, Condo, Manufactured, & *Commercial Mixed Use/Business Use

* Mixed Use (N/O/O DSCR programs Only)


Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Dori Boxburger
Phone: 480.215.5604
Email: dboxburger@springeq.com

Loan Programs: HELOC; 2nd Mortgage

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RocketPro TPO

Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Ahmed Masoud/Ali Ahmad
Phone: 313.645.0299/313.751.9681
Email: AhmedMasoud@rocketmortgage.com/ AliAhmad@rocketmortgage.com

Loan Programs: DPA Programs (Boost DPA); Bank Statement; HELOC

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Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Eli Shereshovech/Lorena Petraglia
Phone: 847.489.5626/914.316.7945
Email: eli.shereshovech@quorumfcu.org/ lorena.petraglia@quorumfcu.org

Loan Programs: Bridge Loans – 1st HELOC; 2nd mortgage – Piggyback

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