DPA Broker Programs & Information

Purchase, Rate/Term Refi, & C/O Refi

Loan Amount and LTV limits vary per Investor

Credit Score

Credit score minimum requirement varies per Investor, but are typically 600 or greater. For credit scores less than 600, e-mail loanscenarios@renewlending.com for review/guidance to establish if an eligible program is available.

Property Type Eligibility:

SFR, PUD, Condo, Manufactured, & *Commercial Mixed Use/Business Use

* Mixed Use (N/O/O DSCR programs Only)

Orion Lending

Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Jason Twiford
Phone: 714.240.5412
Email: jtwiford@orionlending.com

Loan Programs: DPA Programs (Boost DPA); Jumbo Programs; DSCR

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Land Home Financial

Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Dave Hoffman
Phone: 925.408.1100
Email: dave.hoffman@lhfs.com

Loan Programs: DPA (TRIO LINK); Jumbo; DSCR; ITIN; Foreign National

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RocketPro TPO

Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Ahmed Masoud/Ali Ahmad
Phone: 313.645.0299/313.751.9681
Email: AhmedMasoud@rocketmortgage.com/ AliAhmad@rocketmortgage.com

Loan Programs: DPA Programs (Boost DPA); Bank Statement; HELOC

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EPM Lending

Loan Program Page

Account Executive: Rheim Penman
Phone: 877-446-0004
Email: rheim.penman@epm.net

Loan Programs: Jumbo; DSCR; Renovationl; Empower DPA & CalHFA; P&L/Alt Doc

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